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Inside Ring Engraving

Well, the time finally came when we could invest and get a state of the art engraving machine. Inside ring engraving will no longer be a process that creates anxiety in the workshop. As of a couple month ago, we welcomed the Gravograph M3 Jewel into the shop. The process of obtaining the machine and being trained is a story itself. However, the machine itself does some really primo work.

Soon to be added to the store will be diamond engraving on the inside of all rings. We plan to offer different texts and have a easy to use option during checkout for this offering.

For now we are using the machine to engrave English Script and doing so at no charge. This is likely to change soon as the machine was quite expensive. Don’t worry though! We plan to keep the cost of engraving to a minimum, once that feature is live on the store.

All the best for now,

Phil George

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Stellwagen Designs is on Etsy!

Some time ago we started this thing called an Etsy store. Actually it was just a few years ago. Since then we’ve had some amazing customers purchase some very meaningful pieces from the Etsy store. Check out what people are saying in the review section. We work very hard to make sure every customer is 100% satisfied and it sure is paying off. To date, we have over 34 five star reviews. Our ring maker, Philip George, tells us this is one of the most motivational parts of his business. We love hearing from customers! Thanks for all the support and best wishes! Stellwagen Designs

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Cremation Rings – A Makers Perspective


I always tell folks that making titanium and Damascus rings is a precision event.  However, making cremation rings is an emotional event for me.  I put my heart into everyone of them – Philip George



Cremations rings are a big part of what we do at Stellwagen.  We make memorial rings using human cremated remains and also pet cremains.  The feedback that we get from our customers is truly inspirational and very motivating.  Memorial rings have brought peace to so many and we’re truly grateful for the opportunity to make them.

As you browse through our ring collection, you will see that some of the rings are categorized as cremations rings.  Please keep in mind, almost any one our rings can be turned into a memorial ring.  If you find something that you like and it’s not categorized as a cremation ring, we’ll figure out a way to add the cremation ashed to it.

Check out our ring collection here:

As always, please feel free to reach out to us with any questions.


Stellwagen Designs




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Let The Festivities Begin!

With the 2018 Wellfleet Oyser Fest right around corner, we’re working hard to bring you a dynamic array of rings.  We’ll have over 100 wedding bands on display.  We’ll be answering questions in person and taking custom order based on the individuals ring size.  We’d love to make your next ring!

Come see us at booth #97 in the Preservation Hall lot this October 13th and 14th in beautiful Wellfleet, Massachusetts.

Until then,

Stellwagen Designs

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Damascus Rings / A helpful guide on how to purchase

Shopping for a Damascus ring can be a daunting task.  Afterall, with so many different materials being used to make the Damascus, where does one start?  Also, with so many different finishes on the material, how do we decide which is best for you?  We hope you find this article helpful as we take you through some of the options:

First, lets discuss the material: Damascus is produced by forging 2 or more alloys together using a process called inertia welding.  The materials are then worked and re-worked until a desired pattern in created.  This pattern won’t reveal itself though until the metal undergoes an etching process.  This etching process and the length of time in which it’s etched, determines the depth of the etch.

Most Damascus that’s produced today is used for knife making.  This knife grade material is produced using carbon steel or high carbon steel.  This is really great stuff for making knife blades.  It holds an edge like no other and looks amazing.  The problem is, this type of Damascus can and probably will rust if it’s worn on your finger.

This brings us to Stainless Damascus.  This version of the material is made by forging two types of stainless steel together (typically 304 and 316). The stainless steel version is the stuff we use in our rings.  It’s rust proof, shines up like crazy and is perfect for making rings.  It’s also more expensive due to the raw materials being more costly.

These rings can be offered with a natural etch, a forced patina which darkens the valleys of the ring, and sometimes folks want to get real creative and have a matte finish in the valleys with polished peaks etc.  Below are some examples of different finishes.


So here’s our conclusion: we think it’s worth the extra $ to shop for a ring that’s made using stainless Damascus.  Not only stainless though..  Make sure the materials being used are produced by a responsible forgery.  Our materials are produced right here in the USA and we can verify that the stainless grades are what we say they are.  Some of the stuff coming in from across the pond is, lets just say, not what they say it is.  Your fingers are important!  Make sure you’re not wearing something that’s going to irritate your skin or rust.  A wedding band is meant t last a lifetime and beyond.

We hope you find this helpful.  Be sure to check out our store before leaving the site.

Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions.

All the best!


Stellwagen Designs



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Come join us at the 16th annual Wellfleet Oyster Fest!

We’re super excited to announce that Stellwagen Designs has been accepted to participate in the 2018 Wellfleet Oyster Festival.  Shuck Yeah!!  You know how much we love oysters.  Heck we put them in many of our rings.  We plan on bringing some very unique pieces, some one-offs just for the fest and of course with Wellfleet oyster shell in them.

Stop by and say high, we’d love to see you!

Our booth location is TBD but we’ll send out an announcement as soon as we know more.