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Inside Ring Engraving

Well, the time finally came when we could invest and get a state of the art engraving machine. Inside ring engraving will no longer be a process that creates anxiety in the workshop. As of a couple month ago, we welcomed the Gravograph M3 Jewel into the shop. The process of obtaining the machine and being trained is a story itself. However, the machine itself does some really primo work.

Soon to be added to the store will be diamond engraving on the inside of all rings. We plan to offer different texts and have a easy to use option during checkout for this offering.

For now we are using the machine to engrave English Script and doing so at no charge. This is likely to change soon as the machine was quite expensive. Don’t worry though! We plan to keep the cost of engraving to a minimum, once that feature is live on the store.

All the best for now,

Phil George