About Us

Welcome to Stellwagen Designs!

My name is Philip George.  For years I’ve been passionate about hand-making products using classic manual machinery.  At Stellwagen Designs you’ll find high quality handcrafted rings, wedding bands and jewelry made using some classic machining techniques and produced on some of the greatest pieces of equipment ever made.  No high volume automation, no imported products.  In fact, our 13″ Southbend lathe was manufactured in 1942, just before WW2.  If only the lathe could tell its stories..

My ring venture began with friends and family asking if I could make them jewelry.  It wasn’t long before I realized something amazing.  I was making a product that brought genuine happiness to people.  It wasn’t just the ring that made them smile though.  It’s what’s inside the ring.  Most of Stellwagen’s rings have a something extremely meaningful inlayed into the ring.  Today, these inlays include cremation ashes from a loved one or a pet, beach sand from your favorite beach, wood from that special place, or in one fella’s instance, a fossilized megalodon shark tooth!

As I write this, I’m reflecting on how grateful we are for the business and patronage of our amazing customers.  Today, we have rings being proudly displayed by people from all over the globe.  We have some amazing feedback and reviews from some truly spectacular people.   Thank You!

As you prepare to add to your collection of jewelry please know that we are here to listen.  We are here to help you with a custom design or to assist in sourcing a special material you want added to your ring.  It’s all in the details..  Rest easy knowing that all of the metals we use are certified surgical grade or medical grade.  What does this mean?  This ensures the metals used are hypoallergenic and also ensures they are produced by a responsible labor source.



Warmest Regards,


Philip George


Worcester, Massachusetts